Meet the star of the show ... a piece of industrial machinery reconverted into a marionette which in turn controls the two dancers... like objects. A dilemma confronts the audience - who's actually controlling who? Sot 1 vox popWhat makes it so beautiful is this humanisation of this machine - but it's a concept realised by a person whose enabled the machine to interact with people. it's also it's funny and destabilising....Sans Objet is a masterclass in technical precision... Essential to ensure the safety of the dancers. Tristan compares the robot to a lion in a cage - a metal behemoth which weighs more than a tonne demands absolute concentration Sot 2Tristan Baudouin Régisseur plateau de la pièce « Sans objet » d'Aurélien Bory« My eyes never leave them. I always have my hand on the contactor so i could cut off the power at any moment. I know exactly where the actors need to put their feet, their hands, and they know what I need to do and where the robot has to be at each moment The mechanics of Aurelien Bory's show are so seamless that for its audience, the line between man and machine ceases to existSot 4 vox popThe robot is really well controlled. We get the impression that its a real actor which is playing in perfect symbiosis with the two dancers. It's very beautiful to watch. « le robot qui est super bien piloté, on a l'impression que c'est un vrai comédien et qui joue en parfaite symbiose avec les deux acteurs donc c'est super beau à voir » The show Sans Objet runs until this Sunday night at the Théatre de la cité internationale .

Theatre show asks who's controlling who?

The star of the show is a an industrial machine reconverted into a marionette which performs on stage with two actors. But a dilemma confronts the audience: Who's actually controlling who?