France in focus

Behind the scenes of France's National Assembly

This week, we're taking you behind the scenes of France's lower house of parliament, where bills are proposed, debated and adopted or rejected. Perched on Paris' left bank and overlooking the River Seine, the National Assembly is where the rules of French law have been written for more than two centuries.


Ever wondered how lawmakers prepare themselves ahead of public displays of political wrangling? We'll take you to the chamber where twice a week, MPs are given a chance to question ministers on government policy.

Then, just outside the chamber, we’ll see how the country's lawmakers come face-to-face with a jostling media scrum. Some play the game, others don't, but for up-and-coming politicians, the exchange can make or break a career.

Finally, from laugher to deep emotion, we review the most memorable moments in the National Assembly's history.

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