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French cannabis dealer caught after handing out flyers

AFP archive picture | The dealer told police he was looking for new friends to share a joint with

A hapless French cannabis dealer was arrested last week after handing out flyers, with his full contact information, advertising his “business”.


The 32-year-old, from the northern French city of Lyon, included his first name, a phone number and half a gramme of the illegal drug sellotaped to the leaflets, local newspaper Dauphiné Libéré reported this week.

The drug dealer even advertised a special offer on the flyers of “free delivery on orders over 100 euros”.

But his marketing campaign came to an abrupt halt on August 20 when he handed one of his flyers to a man in his 50s.

Unfortunately for the dealer, who cannot be named for legal reasons, the man took the flyer and the free sample of the marijuana directly to the nearest police station.

The police obviously had no trouble tracking down the Frenchman, and discovered 102 grammes of cannabis and dozens of flyers and at his home.

When charged, he insisted he wasn’t a drug dealer but was simply “looking for new friends to smoke a joint with”, the Dauphiné Libéré reported.


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