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Video: Migrants brave blistering sun at Macedonia border

FRANCE 24 screen grab
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Over 200,000 people have arrived in southern and eastern Europe this year, fleeing war and poverty in search of a better life, with many inching their way across the continent on foot. FRANCE 24 follows them on their journey.


Greece has been the entry point for countless immigrants, many of whom left war-torn Syria for Turkey then crossed the Mediterranean Sea on rickety boats. The next stage of the trip toward Western Europe takes many from Greece to Macedonia, along railway tracks, in what is also known as the Balkan route.

They are largely young men travelling alone, but families with young children are also part of the human tide and are especially vulnerable to the extreme heat.

Many say they are bound for Germany or Sweden, countries where they think they will have a better chance of finding a home and a job. It is unsure they will ever get there.

The only certain thing is that they are on a long and difficult journey.

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