Video: Anti-immigrant rhetoric on the rise in Hungary

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Hungarian Muslims are fighting an image battle in the face of increasing anti-immigrant rhetoric in a country that has become a flashpoint in Europe’s refugee crisis, FRANCE 24 reports.


Hungary’s President Viktor Orban hit out at Germany on Friday for announcing it would accept hundreds of thousands of refugees, saying the comments were spurring the flight which he said was “a threat to Europe’s Christian values”.

"Now we talk about hundreds of thousands, but next year we will talk about millions and there is no end to this," Orban told public radio in a regular Friday interview.

"All of a sudden we will see that we are in a minority in our own continent."

On Friday, more than 1,000 refugees, nearly all of them Syrian, were camped outside Budapest's Keleti railway station after Hungary cancelled trains to western Europe.

The Hungarian Muslim community is delivering aid while trying to change local attitudes towards the refugees.

Aid volunteer Ahmed, a Hungarian convert to Islam, told FRANCE 24: “We ask [the refugees] to behave well to cast Islam in a positive light. Muslims are organized people. They must be disciplined when they receive the aid.

“Our government is unjust and inhuman. As a Hungarian I ask forgiveness to the world.”

“We are treated badly here,” one refugee told FRANCE 24. “It is unbelievable, if you do not want us to be here, then let us go. Thank you and goodbye.”

“The world is silent,” he added. “Nobody listens to us.”

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