Video: EU refugee quotas expose Polish divide

FRANCE 24 screen grab
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As Europe’s interior ministers gather on Monday to discuss the continent’s migrant crisis, Poland’s stance on the issue of compulsory refugee quotas could prove decisive.


The EU Commission is pushing for a distribution of refugees across the union in order to ease the pressure on border states that have borne the brunt of the crisis so far.

But the EU’s newer – and poorer – members in Central and Eastern Europe have not been keen on the idea.

In Poland, in particular, the question of whether to accept refugees has become a political hot potato.

Since the Second World War, Poland has been one of the most ethnically homogenous societies in the world, and many of its residents want to keep it that way.

But others see their country as one that prides itself in the principles of solidarity and Christian charity and are appalled to find their compatriots so unwelcoming.

Whether or not Central Europe’s largest state will agree to compulsory quotas is one of the key questions for Monday’s meeting.

FRANCE 24’s Gulliver Cragg, Tomasz Lubik and Aneta Orlowska report on the debate that has split the country in two.

Click on the videoplayer above to watch FRANCE 24's report from Warsaw.

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