Femen activists in topless protest at French Islam conference on women

© Capucine Henry | Femen activist disrupting French conference on Islam and Women on September 12, 2015

Two members of militant feminist movement Femen were violently removed from the stage at a conference on Women and Islam put on by a conservative Muslim group in a Paris suburb this weekend.


The conference itself was subject to a petition, which gained around 6,000 signatures, denouncing the participation of radical speakers such as Nader Abou Anas, who has been accused of trying to legitimise rape within marriage.

The women, one of Tunisian and the other of Algerian origin, jumped onto the stage at the event, exposing their naked torsos daubed in slogans including “no one makes me submit”.

According to Femen spokeswoman Inna Shevchenko, the pair interrupted “two imams discussing whether or not it is OK to beat your wife”, although a recording of the conference has speaker Medhi Kabir asking Muslims to "follow the example of the prophet" in the way they deal with their wives.

Stewards rushed onto the stage and removed them forcibly before handing them over to police. Other stewards tried to prevent attendees from filming their removal.

Police said the organisers intend to take legal action against the women.

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