Video: The journey to exile, from Greece to France

The migrant crisis is an issue set to plague Europe for years to come. FRANCE 24 dispatched Fernande van Tets, Karim Hakiki and Adel Gastel to cover the issue first hand, and talk to refugees making their way across seven countries in Europe in search of a better life.


In this episode, we follow them on their entire journey; on the train through Macedonia to the makeshift refugee camp at Budapest's Keleti station and then on the March of Hope through Hungary, which temporarily brought down borders across Western Europe.

It was an important story to tell. The people we met were mostly Syrian, middle class and well educated. They were desperate to find work once they arrived. Although qualifying as refugees, they often did not see themselves in that light, rejecting the victimisation that comes with the term.

We experienced how European governments responded, and the real time impact this response had on thousands of people. The elation of their arrival, having finally made it. And we are still in contact with many of them as they start to build their new lives.

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