Video: Migrants wait hopefully at Croatia’s border with Slovenia

FRANCE 24 screengrab | Migrants wait to cross from Croatia into Slovenia

FRANCE 24 reports from Croatia’s border with Slovenia, where migrants have been waiting to cross the border into Europe’s Schengen zone. The Croatians, with their own recent memories of war, did everything they could to make the refugees comfortable.


At first they let off steam by singing as they waited in the rain.

But by Sunday afternoon, the migrants waiting to cross from Croatia into Slovenia were at the end of their tether. And still, the buses promised by the Slovenian authorities failed to materialise.

"Look at the state of these children, these women, these families,” said one of the migrants speaking in Arabic. “What have they done to deserve this? Is that the land of freedom?"

The Croatian people, who remember being refugees themselves during the 1990s Balkan wars, rushed to help the migrants, bringing food and water, as well as clothes, and hundreds of pairs of shoes.

Finally, buses appeared. The Slovenes would be letting them through one by one.

Reporting from a migrant centre in Slovenia where some 180 refugees were being registered on Monday, FRANCE 24’s Gulliver Cragg said that migrants were being given food, a room to recuperate in and told they were “free to leave” now that they were in Europe’s Schengen free travel zone.

The refugee centre in Slovenia

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