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Burkina Faso prosecutor freezes assets of leaders of failed coup

AFP archive | General Gilbert Diendere led a failed coup in Burkina Faso last week

The state prosecutor of Burkina Faso on Saturday froze the assets of General Gilbert Diendere, who led a failed coup last week in which his men took the president and prime minister hostage just weeks before elections.


The prosecutor said in a statement he was also freezing the assets of 13 others suspected of links to the coup as well as the political party of former President Blaise Compaoré and three other parties.

The news followed Wednesday's announcement by interim President Michel Kafando that he was back in charge and had restored the civilian transitional government. 

Diendere's presidential guard, which stormed a cabinet meeting last week and took the president and other government members hostage, agreed to a deal overnight with the regular army to avoid violence.

Under the terms of the accord, Diendere's men agreed to leave Ouagadougou’s streets and return to barracks while loyalists will withdraw to 50 km (31 miles) outside of the capital.

Kafando's return caps a tumultuous week in Burkina Faso, where General Diendere and his supporters seized power last Wednesday just a month before a presidential election.

The vote was organised after longtime leader Blaise Compaoré was ousted last October in a popular uprising, with the transitional government led by Kafando slated to remain in power until that vote.

Diendere had been a top aide to Compaoré and the head of the presidential guard under his administration.



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