Video: 'We'll be here until the end', Russian troops in Syria say

FRANCE 24 screengrab
2 min

Since the end of September, Russian jets have backed up government forces in Syria by relentlessly pounding what both Moscow and Damascus have labelled “terrorist” positions. In an exclusive video, FRANCE 24 speaks to the Russian troops.


The Russian-backed Syrian government offensive began on September 30, with Moscow claiming to target Islamist militants, and the Islamic State (IS) group in particular, with daily air strikes. The United States and other Western nations have criticised the strikes, however, claiming they are primarily targeting those fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

Although Russia has ruled out sending ground troops to Syria, close to 2,000 Russian troops are currently deployed there. It appears the Russians may be in for the long-haul.

In an exclusive video, a Russian soldier posted in Latakia, roughly 300 kilometres north of Damascus, tells FRANCE 24 that: “We’ve been here since the beginning and we’ll stay until the end.”

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