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Cameroon's Paul Biya wins 7th term in poll marred by low turnout

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#THE 51%

The Gender Divide: Record number of women running in US midterms

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The Nativist: Trump warns of migrant 'emergency' ahead of midterms

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Prominent Iraqi women in danger

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Music show: SLAP!, Boy George and Culture Club, plus Nao

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'EU parliament vote will determine heart and soul of Europe for years to come'

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Have your fish and eat it: Can British fishing fleets net a Brexit bonus?

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'Must never happen again': Australia apologises to victims of state sex abuse

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Italy determined to stick to budget plan despite EU warnings

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Latest update : 2015-10-28

Hard to imagine Syrian solution without Iran, says US


Welcoming Iran’s inclusion in the upcoming diplomatic talks on Syria, US Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken told FRANCE 24 in an exclusive interview Wednesday that engagement with Tehran was critical to finding a political solution to the crisis.

Speaking to FRANCE 24 hours after Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javed Zarif confirmed he would be attending Friday’s talks in Vienna, Blinken said he hoped Iran was prepared to play “a positive role in supporting a political transition in Syria.” But, he added, “We don’t yet know the answer to that.”

Blinken stressed that the diplomatic mission to find a political solution to the Syrian conflict was picking up speed.

Nearly four weeks after Russia launched a military operation in Syria, Blinken said Moscow’s intervention was not going particularly well and that has provided the international community an incentive to push for a political transition in Syria.

"Russia now has an incentive and more influence to move [Syrian President Bashar al] Assad and the regime towards a transition,” said Blinken. “There is a recognition on all sides that there is no military solution in Syria, that is a recognition that is now growing on the Russians."

Friday’s meeting in Vienna will come exactly a week after top diplomats from the US, Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia met in the Austrian capital to try to agree to a political transition process in Syria. The second round of the Vienna talks will include approximately a dozen participants including Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, France and other European Union countries.




2018-10-22 The F24 Interview

Journalist Sofia Amara on meeting IS group leader's ex-wife and daughter

Journalist, author and filmmaker Sofia Amara has spent years investigating the life of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his path to the head of the Islamic State group. Her latest book,...

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2018-10-18 The F24 Interview

Objective 'Zero Hunger' 2030: Lambert Wilson and UN's FAO tell us how

Some 821 million people in the world face chronic food shortages and this number is on the rise, due largely to extreme climate events, economic downturns and the impact of...

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2018-10-15 The F24 Interview

South Sudan: How it won the longest war but lost the peace

For the last decade, British journalist Peter Martell has covered the situation in South Sudan. His new book is entitled "First Raise A Flag: How South Sudan Won the Longest War...

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2018-10-12 The F24 Interview

France's Macron calls disappearance of Saudi journalist 'very serious'

In an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24 and RFI, French President Emmanuel Macron called for "the whole truth" on the the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi,...

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2018-10-12 The F24 Interview

Rwanda’s Kagame: Macron has brought ‘freshness’ to world politics

In an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24, Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame on Friday lauded his French counterpart, saying Emmanuel Macron has brought a “freshness” into the world...

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