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"Terrorist threat in Brussels - police operations under way"... and a picture of a cat... the home page of one of Belgium's biggest newspapers. At a time when the country's leaders are warning of an imminent attack, ordinary Belgians are flooding social media - with pictures of their catsDLS POLICE TWEET It all started with a tweet from the national police, asking citizens to respect "radio silence" on social media for fear of compromising the operation.Belgians heeded the warning... under the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown, instead of tweeting updates on the raids around the city... they posted pictures of cats ... in a bid to confuse the suspected radical Islamists...It is believed that a Dutch cameraman launched the movement...after posting a picture of his cat Mozart online...Others followed by posting famous Belgian cats, like the muse of Belgian cartoonist Geluck...and children's hero, Tom from the cat and mouse cartoon Tom and Jerry.In a press conference, the Belgian prosecutor thanked the media and public for their cooperation...though he didn't specifically thank their cats.


As police in the Belgian capital were moving in on suspected terrorists in a series of coordinated raids, they appealed to the public with a plea not to publish the details of what was going on online. Belgians responded ... in an unexpected way.

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