The Interview

Naomi Klein: 'We can still stop catastrophic global warming'

FRANCE 24’s Annette Young talks to climate activist and acclaimed author Naomi Klein in Paris, for the COP21 climate change summit. Klein insists that while climate change is already upon us, it is not too late to prevent catastrophic global warming.


“We have passed the point of avoiding climate change. Climate change is here and it's bad,” the best-selling author of “The Shock Doctrine” and “No Logo” told FRANCE 24.

“It can get a lot worse. We still have the power to prevent catastrophic warming. And we also still have the power to create more humane and resilient societies, in the face of the shocks that we've already locked in,” she said.

Klein’s latest book, “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate”, was published in France in March and explores how free market economics contributes to global warming.

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