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Talks to implement landmark political deal begin in Kinshasa

In tonight's edition: talks start in Kinshasa after a landmark political deal, Renamo's leader extends a truce with the Mozambican government and Burkina Faso's authorities launch a city-wide disinfection campaign to stifle a dengue epidemic.


Starting talks in the Democratic Republic of Congo: the government and opposition are hammering out details on how to implement the landmark deal that could pave the way for the country's first ever peaceful transition of power.

Also, Mozambique's rebel leader Afonso Dhlakama has extended a one-week truce for another two months. Violence flared in 2016, more than two decades after the end of the East African nation's civil war.

And fighting dengue through word of mouth: prevention teams are taking to the streets of Ouagadougou to alert residents on what symptoms to look out for. More than 20 people have died from the virus since August.

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