One year on,questions remain if France is capable of dealing with terrorism threats.Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve defends the government's actions.SOT Cazeneuve "We have, since 2013, dismantled 18 recruitment networks located all around the country.Since 2013, we have also arrested 11 groups of individuals who were planning to carry out attacks, and since last spring, 6 attacks have been thwarted"That may give little comfort though to the nation still reeling from last November's bloodshed in Paris.The simultaneous terrorist attacks laid bare France's intelligence failure.Some of the assailants were known threats, including those who went to Syria and back again.Cazeneuve says the ongoing investigation will show just how determined the government has been to fight terrorism, both inside and outside the country.The interior minister's comment comes after the widow of a policeman who died while protecting the editor of Charlie Hebdo filed a complaint.Ingrid Brinsalo's document cites "troubling facts that shows negligence on the part of the national security agencies". She also wants an investigation into security measures at the paper prior to the attack.

Cazeneuve defends government's security measures