Synthé : CHANTILLY, VirginiaFor these twenty-year-olds, it's the very first time. They are excited, giddy, a little bit nervous. This is on the day the US President announced new gun control measures. Not that that would dampen the enthusiasm here. UPSOUND, no synthé Ryan GRANATO, Gun owner«It's a lot of fun. It's very good, it's a very safe and fun hobby when you follow the rules. » PTC Philip CROWTHER« This shooting range has been jam-packed all day. Shooting remains very popular in the United States, and sales next door in the shop are going very well indeed, especially after the latest announcements from President Obama. » SOT Mark WARNER, Senior salesman, Blue Ridge Arsenal«When someone tells you you can't have something people are going to wake up and go looking for it. They don't want to be told that they can't have that gun or that iPhone or whatever. They're going to go out and get it. So when people in DC talk more change and more laws it does make people at home perk up and go wait a minute, instead of buying a gun next month, might as well buy it now. »Barack Obama wants every gun sale in the country to be preceded by a background check. Every potential buyer would have to answer questions like the ones Ryan Granato faces here.UPSOUND, no synthé Ryan GRANATO, Gun owner«If I have any priors, am I a fugitive, have I been judged mentally defective or committed to a mental institution. »A majority of Americans want more stringent checks but under certain conditions. SOT Ryan GRANATO, Gun owner«I think closing loopholes is a good thing. I didn't watch the whole speech but action definitely should be taken. But in the right way, not interfering with the second amendment. » The constitutional right to own a weapon remains untouchable. Republicans though now say Obama has gone too far. They want the courts or the next President to overturn the new executive actions.Synthé : Report by Philip Crowther and Gallagher Fenwick


Despite President Barack Obama’s emotional plea for stricter controls on buying firearms on Tuesday and his pledge to close existing loopholes through executive actions, US citizens say they remain strongly attached to gun ownership.