upsotAn eyewitness filmed the scene..of a deadly attack at a Badgad mall on Monday. An attack that began when - according to the Islamic State Group- four jihadists exited a car. One detonated a car bomb. Witnesses said another blew himself outside the mall before the others entered and began shooting:SOT People started running into the shops to hide, but the attackers followed them and kept shooting without mercy. Many passers-by were killed. Suicide bombers blew themselves up and a car bomb went off here. They fired randomly, without mercy. They exchanged fire with the police for about 45 minutes."OUNDBITE 1 - Fadel, witness (man, Arabic, 19 sec) :"There were explosions here, two cars, snipers, people with rocket launchers. The casualty toll from the attack is the worst in the Iraqi capital in months. Police and ministry fficials reported that there were hostages, but the police commander denied this:SOUNDBITE 2 - Abdul Ameer al-Shimmary, Baghdad operations commander (man, Arabic, 24 sec) : There are no hostages in this area, the security forces took control of the situation. One of the suicide bombers was killed, the other one blew himself up. There was a car bomb that exploded in an adjacent street. "A sequence of events- between the car bomb, suicide attacks, and shootings- that differs from teh group's usual modus operand of singular bombings, A sign of planning that was seems to be supported by other, nearly simultaneous attacks elsewhere in and around Baghdad on Monday. The Islamic State Group claimed responsability .


Gunmen detonated suicide vests inside a shopping complex in Baghdad on Monday and a car bomb exploded nearby in an attack claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group that killed at least 20 people and wounded 40 others.