UPSOUND -bienvenueOpen for business.Two months after a wave of deadly terrorist attacks rocked Paris -one of the bars targeted has re-opened.As champagne is passed around - staff and customers alike say it's an emotional moment. A sentiment echoed by Le Carillon's owner.SOT 'LE CARILLON' CAFE OWNER, COCO,"This reopening of the bar is emotional, I'm doing this in honour of the victims and local residents."SOT VOXPOP Murielle "I had my coffee every morning here on my way to work and so I wanted to come today to tell them to continue and move forward."Makeshift memorials still remain - marking the spot where 15 people lost their lives at le Carillon and neighboring restaurant le Petite Cambodge.Many still come to pay their respects to the victims - but say it's important to move forward.SOT VOXPOP Charlotte"We must breathe life back into the neighborhood, it's absolutely necessary ... while still honoring all the victims, all the dead and wounded.SOT VOXPOPThe fear, apprehension still exists- but the will to go out - to have fun - to go to bars - to go into this bar is stronger then the fear.While Le Carillon is not the first cafe to reopen since the attacks many are happy to see life returning to normal in the neighborhood. The Bataclan concert hall - the scene of the worst shootings still remains closed.


Le Carillon bar, one of the targets of the November 13 terror attacks in Paris that claimed 130 lives, held an emotional reopening Wednesday, two months after gunmen shot dead 15 people at the venue in the east of the French capital.