walking on thin iceAn audio recording of an alleged conversation between Ivory Coasts' parliament speaker Guillaume Soro and Blaise Compaoré's former foreign affairs minister Djibril Bassolé was deemed authentic by Burkinabese authorities, who issued an int'l arrest warant for the 2 men(sot)Hello? It''s Bassolé, what's up"In the recording, soro and bassolé allegedly discussed ways to support Burkina Faso's September coup, including a possible military operationSoro has firmly rejected the accusations, yet Burkina Faso's former PM Isaac Zida claimed the audio file was authentic, a version of events corroborated by the court's decision to issue the warrantThe upcoming trial could spell the end for Djibril Bassolé, who was already convicted of high treason in November.Soro's camp, meanwhile, said the warrant was a hostile action against Ivory Coast, and the recording a manipulation to tarnish Soro's imageThe former leader of Ivory Coast's rebellion, Guillaume Soro is widely known for his political ambitionAfter becoming PM of Laurent Gbagbo's national unity government, he stepped down to support Alassane Ouatara in 2010 , becoming one of his most trusted advisorAt the age of 43, he has already been widely cast ... as Ivory Coast's future president


Burkina seeks arrest of Ivory Coast parliament speaker over failed coup