Libya asks to be labelled top health emergency by WHO

In this edition: Libya asks the World Health Organization for extra funds. Also, we look ahead to former Ivory Coast leader Laurent Gbagbo's trial at the ICC. And we look at Uganda's growing coffee culture.


Libya asks the World Health Organization to give it access to extra funds by raising it into the top category for health emergencies. There are fears that the political and security crisis risks bringing medical services to a halt.

Meanwhile, on the eve of the start of the crimes against humanity trial of Ivory Coast's former leader Laurent Gbagbo, we hear from those who hold him responsible for fatal post-electoral violence and those who think he's being made a scapegoat.

And livin’ la vida mocha... Uganda’s coffee may have an international reputation but it gets little love at home. We meet the baristas trying to whip up local affection for their beans.

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