HUBBARD, Iowa In Iowa, the key to success lies with the undecided voters. UPSOUND Senator Ted CRUZ, Republican presidential candidate « Iowa ice and snow. » Journalist : « . » SOT Senator Ted CRUZ, Republican presidential candidate « . » Ted Cruz is fighting to stay right at the top of the polls. UPSOUND «God bless you. » And to do so, he and all other candidates for the US presidency have to criss-cross this early voting state. From one campaign event to another, they seek as much direct contact as possible, especially with those who are still on the fence. SOT Senator Ted CRUZ, Republican presidential candidate« Many undecided voters come to see for themselves. SOT « A droite le champ est tellement éclaté, il y a beaucoup de candidats avec des avis différents. Chacun a sa propre idée donc ca n'est pas facile. » Despite this direct approach by Ted Cruz, those who have not made up their minds remain precisely in that category. SOT« J'ai encore beaucoup d'éléments à prendre en considération avant de me prononcer définitivement. Il y a tellement de candidats…je dois peser le pour et le contre concernant chacun d'entre eux. »In a state that is notoriously unpredictable, even those who are at the very bottom of the polls still believe. PTC Philip CROWTHER Synthé : Report by Philip Crowther and Gallagher Fenwick