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Jihadists attack U.N. base in Mali

In this edition: A U.N. camp in Mali is the target of a suspected jihadist attack. The Confederation of African Football publicly backs Sheikh Salman for FIFA's presidency. And Zimbabwe declares a state of emergency as drought devastates the nation.


Four assailants and a Malian soldier are dead, after suspected jihadists attacked a U.N. Minusma camp in Timbuktu. There were two attacks in Friday's raid; assailants first blew up their vehicle at a military checkpoint, opening the way for a second vehicle filled with gunmen.

Meanwhile, the Confederation of African Football met in the Rwandan capital on Friday to decide on who to support to become FIFA's next president. They've publicly backed Bahrain's Sheikh Salman, rather than South African Tokyo Sexwale, in a controversial move.

And Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has declared a state of emergency as drought engulfs the nation. As many as one quarter of Zimbabwe's 13 million people are affected.

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