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Synthé de lieuKIEV, UkraineSur les trois plans d'archives (at 00:13:00, 00:29:06 and 00:48:00) - mettre "20 february 2014, pictures courtesy Hromadske TV" svpIvan Bubenchik claims to have played a key role in the events of 20th February 2014.The activist says that from this building, he fired an assault rifle at the police, who were trying to break up the protest camp on Maidan, and had killed 30 people over the previous two days.SOT (Ukrainian)Ivan BUBENCHIKVolunteer soldier and Former Maidan activist First I liquidated two commanders who were standing behind the independence monument and directing that whole parade of destruction of the Ukrainian nation, and then I went along the barricade and shot them in the legs, so that they would panic and run away like rats, and never come back. But I didn't know Poroshenko would be even worse than YanukOvych.We can't confirm Bubenchik's claims.But something certainly caused the police to retreat, up this hill.Protesters followed them and were met by gunfire.Today an exhibition in the Ukrainian parliament commemorates the events.SOT (Ukrainian) Volodymyr PARASIUKFormer Maidan self-defence unit leader, Member of ParliamentThat there were weapons on Maidan is a fact. But I'd rather leave it to Ivan Bubenchik's brothers in arms to say whether he's telling the truth or not.Volodymyr PARASIUK is one of several Maidan activists who are now MPs but they're still in the minority in this chamber, as last Tuesday's events underlined:Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk survived a no-confidence vote only thanks to the support of the very thing the Maidan stood against: oligarch-sponsored deputies. SOT (Russian) Mustafa NAYYEMInstigator of Maidan protests, Member of ParliamentThe government's main support now comes from Rinat Akhmetov's people and those of other oligarchs who previously worked closely with Viktor Yanukovych. This is nonsense, absurd.Yet Nayyem insists there's only one way to react to these setbacks: work harder to force the old guard and the old ways out.Report by Gulliver Cragg


Two years ago this Saturday 48 protesters and 4 policemen were shot dead just above the protest camp on Maidan square in Central Kiev. Today, the country is still asking exactly what happened, and why haven’t any of the ousted President Viktor Yanukovich’s police gunmen been punished.Gulliver Cragg reports.

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