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Petit Cambodge restaurant reopens four months after Paris attacks

Tony Todd / FRANCE | The Petit Cambodge is open again

The Petit Cambodge reopened on Monday night, four months after terrorist gunmen opened fire at diners at the tiny street-corner Cambodian eatery in Paris’s 10th arrondissement.


It was one of the first city-centre venues to be hit in the deadly November 13, 2015 Paris attacks which claimed the lives of 130 people in a string of shootings across the city.

Between the Petit Cambodge and the Carillon bar immediately across the street, 15 people lost their lives to the gunmen.

Choking back tears as the steel shutters lifted to reveal a newly-refurbished interior, owner Kirita Gallois told a large crowd of assembled journalists that her thoughts were with the victims’ families, and that reopening the restaurant meant that “life can now begin again”.

“We couldn’t wait to reopen and I am proud to say that all 17 members of staff who worked here before the attacks are back here tonight,” she said.

She also thanked the thousands of well-wishers who had left cards, candles and flowers on the pavement outside the restaurant in the weeks after the terrorist atrocity.

Rémi, 25, read on Twitter that the restaurant was reopening and decided to come straight away “out of solidarity”.

“I live right next to the Bataclan,” he said, referring to the concert venue where 90 people were killed and hundreds more injured on November 13.

“All of Paris was traumatised by the attacks, but particularly this part of town. It is important to see the Petit Cambodge reopen, it shows that life is stronger than terror.”

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