Eye on Africa

Top court rules President Zuma violated constitution

In tonight's rundown: South Africa's top court rules President Zuma violated the constitution; a Ugandan court upholds Museveni's election win; and refugees train for the Rio Olympics in Kenya.


South Africa's president is excoriated by the country's highest court. Jacob Zuma is slammed for failing to pay back some of the millions in public money spent on doing up his private pad. The scandal has fuelled further calls for his exit.

Also, Uganda's Supreme Court knocks back a legal challenge over the validity of the re-election of President Yoweri Museveni. Judges refuse to annul February's vote, saying that there's not enough evidence of vote rigging.

And in Kenya, refugees keep up a gruelling athletics training schedule in the hope of being selected for a unique team that will head to the Rio Olympics.

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