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Ivory Coast: Seaside town of Grand Bassam struggles to move on from terror attack

In tonight's rundown: internet and text messages are still cut off in Chad after elections, the tourism industry is suffering in Grand Bassam and cartoonist Gado is no longer sketching for the Daily Nation.


Chad's president says he's confident he'll be returned for another term after Sunday's elections but many, sceptical of the transparency of the polls, have struggled to get the word out because of an online blackout.

Also, Ivorians in the seaside resort of Grand Bassam are still shaken by the memory of last month's bloodshed. It became the site of the country's first ever terror attack and the tourists upon which locals rely are still staying away.

And we hear from a Kenyan cartoonist who insists the might of his pen will not be silenced. Known as Gado, the caricaturist has made a career of poking fun at the country's political elite but has seen work at a top newspaper dry up. He says that’s no coincidence.

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