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One month after terror attack, Grand Bassam tries to move on

In this week's edition: the Ivory Coast resort of Grand Bassam tries to get back on its feet; the Kariba dam's water levels are at a record low; and overcrowded classes in South Africa.


Ivoirians in the seaside resort of Grand Bassam are still shaken by the memory of last month's bloodshed. It became the site of the country's first ever terror attack and the tourists upon which locals rely have remained away.

Also, drought has caused the water levels at one of Africa's biggest dams, Lake Kariba, to drop to a record low. As well as impacting the livelihoods of communities who rely on its supply, the shortage is also threatening the already insecure power supplies of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

And a head teacher in the South African province of Umtata is suing the government because he says his school is not getting enough support. With almost 2,000 students trying to get an education, the institution is operating out of only a few classrooms.

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