Eye on Africa

Riots in Zambia: Two people burned alive and over 200 arrested

In tonight's edition: Riots in Zambia, a mobile payment system in Ethiopia and tracking elephants in Kenya.


Xenophobic violence in Zambia has taken a fatal turn with two people burned to death this week. Dozens of Rwandan-owned shops have been targeted amidst rioting and looting sparked by rumours that a spate of murders in which the victims’ bodies were mutilated was carried out by a ritual killer of foreign nationality.

Also, a new e-payment system has launched in Ethiopia in a bid to bring swathes of the continent’s second-most populous nation into the banking system.

And the thousands of elephants living in Tsavo National Park in Kenya already face the threat of poaching, but progress is also adding to their problems - a high-speed rail line cuts right through their home.

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