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Uganda's only radiotherapy machine broken beyond repair

In this week's edition: Uganda's only radiotherapy machine has broken down; rising prices in DR Congo; and elephant tracking in Kenya.


A Kenyan hospital offers a lifeline to hundreds of Ugandan cancer patients who face uncertainty after their country's only radiotherapy machine broke down. It's been out of action since earlier this month and the government has been accused of neglecting the health system.

Also, after years of staying relatively stable against the dollar, the Congolese franc has started to slide. But currency dealers say the decline began late last year and traders and customers have started struggling with the effect that's had on the cost of staple foods.

And the thousands of elephants living in Kenya's Tsavo National Park already face the threat of poaching, but progress is also adding to their troubles. A new high-speed railway is set to make human lives easier, but as it cuts through the animals' habitat, the impact the transport upgrade will have may be far more damaging.

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