Across Africa

Tomato crisis in Nigeria

In this week's edition:Tomato crisis in Nigeria;Robots compete to cretae farming solutions in Senegal;And Ivoirian Chef Loïc Dablé cooks for UNESCO's Africa Week.


A state of emergency is called in Kaduna, northern Nigeria over a tomato crisis that has seen supplies of the staple bottom out whilst prices rocket. An infestation of moth behinds what's being called tomato Ebola has devastated crops..
And we head to a techie throw down in Senegal where a robotics competition is encouraging young engineers to flex their mechanical know how in the hopes that they'll be back for more in the future..
And there's a tasty line up on offer as the UN's cultural wing, UNESCO celebrates Africa week here in Paris, our very lucky Ben Barnier head to the restaurant of a Franco-Ivorian chef who is serving up dishes that mix the best of both.

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