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Amnesty accuses Sudan of chemical attacks on civilians

In tonight's edition: Amnesty accuses Sudan of chemical attacks on civilians, and police in Kenya are under scrutiny. Finally, wax cloth makers in Ivory Coast try to compete with Asian imports.


Hundreds of people have reportedly been killed in chemical attacks in Darfur. Amnesty International accuses the Sudanese government of using blister agent to target communitites in the war torn region.

In Kenya, police are under investigation after facing accusations of having covered up the true circumstances of an alleged terror attack in Mombasa earlier this month. Rights groups say the three women shot dead were framed.

Some may wear their heart on their sleeves... But in Ivory Coast they may wear their 'ungrateful husband' or their 'jealousy'. It's not as odd as you might think - those are just some of the names of the wax cloth prints on sale in Abidjan. And sometimes much of a pattern's appeal is in its name.

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