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Surveying the 'Brexsh*t'

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Pound plunges on Brexit uncertainty

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Brexit revolt: Can Theresa May weather the storm?

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Michelle Obama: From Chicago's south side to the White House

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France's love/hate relationship with Beaujolais nouveau

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David LaChapelle: 'Celebrity is replacing religion in these times of turmoil'

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'Photography is part of our daily lives and we want to reflect that'

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Video: Homophobic attacks on the rise in France

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We're in the Brexs*it! Tabloids react to Theresa May's Brexit plans

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The business show that goes beyond the numbers and the corporate jargon! Stephen Carroll breaks down major business stories and looks at how they affect our lives. Thursday at 4.15 am Paris time.

Latest update : 2016-06-09

Are foreign investors hitting a Chinese wall?

Is China open for business? American and European companies say the business climate is souring for foreign investors and an increasing share of them say they feel more and more "unwelcome".

Also in this programme:

• The SocGen saga continues. Former trader Jerôme Kerviel clinches a legal win as a French court orders the bank to pay up for wrongful dismissal.

• Basic Pay. We look at the pros and cons of a basic income for everyone. Campaigners in Switzerland say they'll keep fighting even as voters reject the idea.

By Charles PELLEGRIN , Emerald MAXWELL , Farah BOUCHERAK , Markus KARLSSON , Stephen CARROLL



2018-11-15 People & Profit

What does the future hold for the oil market?

French motorists are unhappy with the rising cost of fuel and have called for the government to do something about it. But we could be looking at continued price turmoil in years...

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2018-11-08 People & Profit

Tech's tough year: How have recent scandals changed the industry?

Some of the biggest names in technology have gathered in Portugal for the annual Web Summit. After a nightmare year of data breach scandals and new regulations, what has the...

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2018-11-01 People & Profit

How will Trumponomics impact the US midterm elections?

Consumer spending is up, unemployment is down and jobs are being created across the United States. But is it thanks to Trump's economic policies or is the US president taking...

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2018-10-25 People & Profit

Talking trade: Is there any hope for a US-China reconciliation?

How long will the trade war between China and the United States last? Stephen Carroll talks to Arancha Gonzales, the executive director of the International Trade Centre - a...

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2018-10-18 People & Profit

A pretty picture: Investing in the booming contemporary art market

The international contemporary art fair FIAC is taking place in Paris. Works by some 1,500 artists are on show to 75,000 potential buyers at the Grand Palais. After the recent...

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