The historic trial, conviction and sentencing of Chad’s former dictator Hissène Habré

In this edition we take a look at the historic trial, conviction and sentencing of Chad’s former leader, Hissène Habré in Senegal. It is the first time that an African country’s domestic court has tried another country’s ex-head of state on rights charges. On May 30, Habré was sentenced to life in prison for committing crimes against humanity, war crimes and acts of torture. The head of the commission in charge of investigating Habré's crimes says at least 40,000 people died under Habré’s rule.


With the help of thousands of police agents, Habré effectively neutralised his political opponents during his 1982-1990 rule by throwing them in detention centres in which the chances of survival were slim.

Habrés historic trial and the loopholes that allowed him years of impunity are at the core of a documentary made by Magali Serre. In this edition, we show a few excerpts.

The full documentary will be broadcast on France 24, and available online, as of July 9. Stay tuned.

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