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Oscar Pistorius heads back to court for sentencing

In tonight's edition: Pistorius is back in court, clashes erupt on the Ethiopia-Eritrea border, and tribal trends hit Paris.


Oscar Pistorius appears in court in Pretoria for re-sentencing after his conviction for the killing of his girlfriend in 2013 was upgraded from manslaughter to murder. The Paralympian is currently under house arrest, having served 12 months behind bars, and now prosecutors are pushing for a 15-year prison term. The judge who initially acquitted Pistorius will decide the new sentence over a hearing expected to run until Friday.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia and Eritrea are blaming each other for an exchange of fire in the disputed border region of Tsorona. Since the end of a bitter war in which tens of thousands were killed between 1998 and 2000, a stalemate still stands between the neighbours. People living in Tsorona say that many have fled the area because of heavy shelling over the weekend.

And African vogue was once again setting the tone in parts of Paris over the weekend. The French capital hosted the 10th edition of Labo International, an event that's all about promoting young designers trying to make it in the fashion world. FRANCE 24 went to check it out.

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