Eye on Africa

France slammed for support of ex-Chad dictator Hissene Habre

In this edition: France is accused of supporting Hissene Habre, Michelle Obama heads to Morocco, and the UN ends its Liberia mission.


A new Human Rights Watch report has highlighted French complicity in the crimes of Hissène Habré. In May, the former Chadian dictator was sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity by an African Union-backed court. Judges in the Senegalese capital Dakar also convicted him over rape, sexual slavery and killings carried out by police during his time in office from 1982 to 1990. Now, the spotlight has fallen on the level of complicity of his western allies: the United States and, above all, France.

Meanwhile, US First Lady Michelle Obama headed to Morocco to promote girls' education. Joined by her mother and daughters - and actress Meryl Streep - the visit comes as Washington spends a further 100 million dollars to help tackle one of the highest rates of illiteracy in the world. It stands at 33 percent across the population, and at a staggering 41 percent for women.

And in Liberia, the United Nations peacekeeping mission is set to hand control of security to national forces, this after 13 years in the country. The Liberian government says its personnel are ready for the task, but that hasn't stopped concerns over a lack of equipment and corruption.

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