Newt Gingrich: 'Donald Trump is not a racist'

A former speaker of the US House of Representatives and now shortlisted to be the running mate of Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich insists Trump is not a racist. He also tells FRANCE 24 that incoming Muslims committed to Sharia law should be screened.


In an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24, Gingrich talks about his willingness to be vice-presidential candidate with Trump, saying the multi-billionaire has been unfairly accused of racism.

"Trump is not a racist […], Donald Trump embraces and works with people of every background."

Gingrich also calls for the screening of Muslims wanting to enter the United States.

"I think there’s a real problem with how you vet people who come out of Syria […]. I would agree with screening people, particularly based on [their] commitment to Sharia. I don’t believe Sharia is compatible with the rule of law and Western civilization."

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