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Race to the White House: Hillary Clinton's popularity problem

This week, Hillary Clinton officially became the first female nominee of a major US political party. But she has been dealt a blow by a hacking scandal: leaked emails suggesting the party leadership conspired to sabotage Bernie Sanders' campaign. The former Secretary of State is already disliked by many Americans: a recent poll found that 67% of voters do not consider her to be honest or trustworthy. In this week's show, we take a closer look at Hillary Clinton's likeability problem.


The Democratic Convention included mothers of black men and women who died at the hands of police officers or from gun violence. They took the stage to speak of the need to address race relations. From Philadelphia, our correspondents bring you a special report on young African Americans struggling to make a change.

Also, we head to Brazil where just a few days before the start of the Rio Olympics, organisers have been rushing to fix problems at the athletes’ village.

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