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Latest update : 2017-07-03

The secret views and stories behind Paris’s magical skyline

FRANCE 24’s Nadia Charbit unveils one of the most distinctive and inspirational features of the French capital: its famous rooftops. The grey zinc roofs are almost as much as a signature of the capital as the Eiffel Tower or the Grand Palais. They not only provide the perfect reflection for the city’s famed sunsets and historic monuments, but also inspired Vincent Van Gogh among many other famous people.

And yet very few people have access to city’s roofs, so join FRANCE 24 for a once in a lifetime view of the “unique” beauty of the rooftops of Paris.

Watch the video in the player above

With special thanks to:
Galeries Lafayette
Les Piaules

By Jeanne LAVENANT , Joanna COCKERELL , Nadia CHARBIT , Stéphanie CHEVAL



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The changing face of French parenthood

When it comes to having babies, France is Europe's most fertile country. Last year, a total of 767,000 babies were born here. But even so, that number was 2% lower than the...

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From crowdfunding to lottery tickets: How to save French heritage?

This week, we're at the Hôtel Dieu de Château Thierry, an ancient hospital, to talk about French heritage and its ailments! While France is famed for its grand old monuments,...

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The search for France's second-hand treasures

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