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Video: 'The debate on the burkini in France is totally misguided,' says Muslim activist

AFP file photo

The burkini continues to draw both intense debate and political posturing with numerous analysts weighing in, among them Hala Arafa of the Washington-based Muslim Reform Movement, who told FRANCE 24 why she strongly supports a ban on the burkini.


Arafa told FRANCE 24 she has no objections to freedom of religion and ideas as long as they’re not imposed on others.

“Freedom of religion to begin with does not mean my freedom to impose my ideas on the public space,” she explained. "[It] means you are free to build your mosques, you’re free to pray whichever way you want, but the public space is reserved for what the public of the 21st century believes in  – the ideas of the secular society”.

Arafa believes that with the burkini debate, “We are fighting an ideology from the seventh century that wants to impose itself on the public space."

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