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Video: Russians disillusioned ahead of parliamentary poll

ALEXANDER NEMENOV / AFP | A woman walks by a ‘United Russia’ parliamentary election campaign poster on September 13, 2016 in central Moscow.

Ruling party ‘United Russia’ is expected to win big in the parliamentary election to be held Sunday. Yet less than half of the population is expected to vote. FRANCE 24 visited the region of Sverdlovsk to find out why Russian voters have lost faith.


An estimated 41 percent of Russians polled say they will cast their ballot for the ‘United Russia’ ruling party. It’s no surprise that the ruling party will win. Politics in Russia functions on a tightly controlled system that excludes any real alternative.

But the result is an ever-growing crisis of confidence. Just 21 percent of Russians think voting will be of any use this Sunday and less than half say they will bother to vote.

FRANCE 24’s Elena Volochine and Thomas Lowe visited Ekaterinburg, Russia’s fourth largest city to find out more about this voter apathy. There, they found crumbling buildings and many locals who feel that the campaign promises of United Russia fell short, leaving their demands unanswered.

“I’ll vote for someone who’ll repair the roof”, one told FRANCE 24.

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