Eye on Africa

DR Congo: At least 17 dead in anti-Kabila protests

In tonight's edition: Deadly clashes in DR Congo, protests over university fee hikes in South Africa, and children learn to code in Madagascar.


Over a dozen people, including several police officers, are killed in protests in Kinshasa. The demonstrations were sparked by angry suspicions that President Kabila is trying to push back elections in a bid to illegitimately extend his mandate.

Also, the issue of student fees in South Africa once again stirs up trouble. The government has given universities the right to hike them by up to 8%. Protests have already begun.

And the language of the future: volunteers teaching students in Madagascar to code say it’s a vital life skill in an increasingly digital age and that there will come a time, not too far away, when those who don’t know their html from their java could be considered illiterate.

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