Eye on Africa

Police fire rubber bullets at students protesting fee hikes in Johannesburg

In tonight's edition: Police and students clash in South Africa; calm returns to the streets of Kinshasa but political turmoil continues; and people take to the streets of Mogadishu over a border dispute with Kenya.


Police and protesters pelt each other with stones and demonstrating students face rubber bullets in Johannesburg's Wits University as tension over South Africa’s student fees continues to rise.

Also, after a violent start to the week, the streets of Kinshasa are now calmer. But political turmoil continues to bubble not far beneath the surface in DR Congo over the question of whether President Kabila is trying to stay on in power longer than he's meant to.

And Somali demonstrators take to the streets with some harsh words for Kenya. The two countries are locked in a territorial dispute over some potentially lucrative waters in the Indian Ocean.

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