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Nigerian President Buhari seeks help from UN to negotiate release of Chibok girls

In tonight's edition: Buhari asks the UN for help to negotiate the release of the Chibok girls; and unrest in central Mali threatens a world heritage site and finally we meet West Africa's last wild rhino.


Nigeria's President reaches out to the UN for help in negotiating the release of hundreds of schoolgirls still being held by Boko Haram insurgents. The country is facing increasing pressure both home and abroad to get the Chibok captives back.

And the Malian army is boosting operations around the central town of Djenne in a push-back against Islamists who have increasingly targeted the area. Ansar Dine extremists have vowed to destabilise the Sahel region. And finally: Both a welcome and unwelcome neighour. Conservationists are doing what they can to improve the relationship between West Africa’s last rhino and the Ivorian community with which he lives alongside. The relationship has been somewhat strained since the rare animal killed the village chief.

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