The battle for UK Labour’s leadership

D-Day is fast approaching for the embattled leader of Britain's Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn. Just a year ago, the election of this radical London MP brought about a sharp swing to the left for Labour - sparking divisions within the party. But the breaking point came with June's Brexit referendum, when Corbyn faced sharp criticism from the "In camp" for his half-hearted performance during the campaign.


In protest, Labour MPs resigned en masse from his front bench team in the House of Commons, and launched a bid to oust him. The party has asked its 600,000 members to vote on whether to keep Corbyn in power, or replace him with challenger Owen Smith. The result will be announced this Saturday, at the party's annual Conference in Liverpool. But as our correspondent Hervé Amoric reports, that still might not put an end to the months of tug of war over Labour's political direction.

A programme prepared by Patrick Lovett, Emerald Maxwell, Elom Marcel Toble and Nadia Charbit.

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