Eye on Africa

Malian jihadist jailed for nine years for destroying ancient Timbuktu shrines

In tonight's edition: a Malian jihadist is sentenced to nine years in prison; nations reject a proposal to extend legal ivory sales; and DR Congo fights a spreading cholera epidemic.


A Malian extremist who pleaded guilty to the destruction of ancient shrines is given a nine-year sentence by the ICC. It’s the first time the destruction of cultural heritage is tried as a war crime.

Also, as conservationists from around the world gather in Johannesburg to discuss the care of endangered animals, we take a closer look at the effects some of the decisions taken so far could have on the fate of the African elephant.

And in Democratic Republic of Congo, authorities ramp up efforts to combat a cholera epidemic. It’s moving unusually quickly... an estimated 18,000 cases have been reported so far this year.

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