Malian jihadist jailed for 9 years for destroying Timbuktu shrines

In this week's edition: a Malian extremist is jailed for destroying ancient tombs; families of victims of the 2009 Guinea massacre are still looking for answers; and the pangolin gets some respite.


A Malian extremist who pled guilty to the destruction of ancient shrines is given a nine-year sentence by the ICC. It's the first time the destruction of cultural heritage has been tried as a war crime.

Also, this week marked seven years since a peaceful opposition rally in Guinea Conakry ended in bloodshed. More than 150 people were killed by security forces. Many of the victims’ families say the pain is still fresh.

And peace for the pangolin - that's the hope of conservationists. They've welcomed a vote at the CITES international conference in Johannesburg to ban all trade of the world’s most trafficked mammal.

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