Ethiopian government accuses foreign groups of stoking violence

In tonight's bulletin: Ethiopian government blames unrest on foreign groups; student protests in South Africa continue; and we meet with Alsarah from Alsarah & The Nubatones.


Blaming enemies in Egypt and Eritrea for ongoing unrest: the Ethiopian government accuses the Oromo Liberation Front of getting outside help, this as it declares a six-month state of emergency. We get the latest from our correspondent on the ground.

Another day of clashes on university campuses in South Africa. Riot police fired tear gas and rubber bullets as protesters prevented classes from starting up again. Students continue to demand the government go back on its pledge to raise fees.

And we speak to AlSarah, of AlSarah & The Nubatones. The queen of retro Nubian pop chats to us about providing context to her music, just days after releasing the group's second album, "Manara". 

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