Zuma defends education policy as standoff between police and students continues

In tonight's edition: President Zuma defends his education policy in the face of renewed protests; the electoral commission in Ghana disqualifies 13 candidates for the presidential election; and in Kenya, a new app tackles under-reporting of rape cases.


If you can afford it, you pay for it. South Africa's Jacob Zuma tells student demonstrators demanding free higher education that his government can't give everyone a helping hand. This as fierce protests continue at Johannesburg's Wits University.

And then there were four: that's the number of candidates left in Ghana's presidential race, after 13 people were disqualified from running. Some of those bumped off the list say they'll fight the decision.

It's a shocking statistic: in Kenya, up to one in three girls is sexually assaulted. But a new app is making it easier for Kenyan victims to speak out and report sexual abuse.

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