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Eye on Africa

South Africa: Students injured in clashes with police

In tonight's edition: South African students continue to demand free education; we discover Tunisia's dates of wrath; and "General Butt Naked" tries to rehabilitate Liberia's former child soldiers.


South Africa’s ongoing standoff between universities, the government and students calling for lower tuition fees continues, but the frequent skirmishes are costing demonstrators support.

Also, victims of their own success:  an association in a Tunisian town that took over the running of date farming and quickly doubled harvests sees the project under threat. The government is accusing it of illegally working state land.

And frivolous name that inspired fear: "General Butt Naked" earned his moniker during vicious battles during Liberia's 14-year civil war. Now the former warlord says he's put all that behind him and is hoping to help other former child soldiers.  

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